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Products: Gardein Thai Trio July 22, 2010

Posted by Angela @ Making Food for Friends in products.

I stood in line at Whole Foods last night, slightly embarrassed at my purchases:  a chocolate bar, bottle of light ranch dressing, a slice of pizza, and a  Gardein Thai Trio meal.  It was probably the most unhealthy purchase to make the trip down the conveyor belt that day. Chocolate, ranch, pizza, and a processed quick meal? Yeah…not my proudest moment at the grocery store, but I was hungry at the moment (hence the chocolate bar & pizza), and knew I’d have a busy lunch hour the next day (hence the Gardein meal).

gardein thai trio

The meal comes in three parts–a single serving of basmati rice, a sauce, and a vegetarian “chick’n” stuffed with Thai-spiced vegetables. I ran home at lunch today to heat it up, and when I pulled the “chick’n” out of the package and saw how small it was (the size of a fist…if your fist is the size of a baby’s fist), I knew I’d need a little extra something on the side to bulk it up.  I sliced up one small zucchini and sauteed it quickly with a little salt, pepper, ginger, cayenne, and sesame seeds. The Gardein meal takes about 3-4 minutes in the microwave, so it all came together really quickly.

gardein thai trio

I liked the rice (nice & fluffy, not too grainy or dry) and the sauce, which was basically just a mild red curry, and the chick’n was good but not great—I liked the variety of veggies inside it, but the chick’n part itself seemed more like a vehicle to get the veggies and sauce into my mouth and not something I’d want to eat on it’s own.  Together it was all fine and tasty, and I loved having the extra serving of zucchini in the bowl with the meal.  Final verdict? I’d definitely buy it again when I’m pressed for time or if I came across it on sale.  3 out of 5 stars!  🙂



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