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Jalapeno Vodka and a Clean Dog: How I Spent My Lunch Break August 6, 2010

Posted by Angela @ Making Food for Friends in drinks.

I think Toby is a tiny fur-covered mind reader.  I went home at lunch, made myself a sandwich (fake bacon, basil, spicy hummus, and white cheddar on sourdough), ate it at the little table in my kitchen, cleaned off my dish, and turned around to look for Toby.  He was cowering behind the couch in the living room—even though I had given him no indication I was about to give him a bath, he somehow read my mind  and knew he was about to be put in the sink.  I put an apron over my work clothes, turned on The Black Album, and gave him a bath (I think listening to Jay-Z during bath time helps calm his nerves 🙂 )

Toby ran around after the bath trying to transfer all remaining water from his body to our bed and furniture.


Meanwhile, I sliced up three jalapenos and one long hot green pepper and popped them into an open bottle of vodka.  I’m trying to make a spicy vodka to use in Bloody Marys (yummy) and in a lemongrass martini recipe I found on the internet this week.  I’m thinking it’ll be ready to try in a day or two, but a week’s worth of infusing time is probably best.  Results to come!

jalapeno vodka



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