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Arugula Parmesan Ravioli October 19, 2010

Posted by Angela @ Making Food for Friends in dinner, quick meal, vegetarian.

Easy dinners rule around our house.  I’ve said it before, but after a full day of work, a trip to the gym, and a post-gym shower, despite my love of cooking, I just want to EAT and I want food to appear in front of me like magic, immediately.  Since that will never happen, I try to find shortcuts that will allow me to make a nice, healthy dinner in a very short amount of time.

I spied these new raviolis in Trader Joe’s over the weekend:

trader joe's arugula parmesan ravioli

Arugula?  Count me in.  I was probably late on the arugula train, but I remember clearly the first time I fell in love with it.  It was during the big blackout of 2003.  I lived in Ann Arbor at the time.  I was getting a weekly share of produce through a CSA (community-supported agriculture) and had just received a brand new box of fresh produce when the blackout hit.  I took part in a cook-out with a bunch of friends and neighbors that night, preparing all of the fresh food I had so it wouldn’t go bad.  In my CSA box that week was a bunch of fresh arugula.  I remember eating it that night and wondering what this spicy green was that I was loving so much.  Since then, I’ve made it a point to buy arugula as often as possible.  I can’t get enough of salads made with the spicy green!

With the raviolis above, I decided to stick with the flavors and toss the cooked ravioli with fresh arugula until it just wilted, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, herbed olive oil, and a little asiago.  I considered adding tomatoes, but forgot, and tossed around the idea of crumbling some crispy Morningstar fake bacon strips in but decided that might be overkill.

This meal, while not the most original, was fresh and delicious and really quick to make.

Arugula Parmesan Ravioli

arugula parmesan ravioli

1 package prepared ravioli (I used the arugula parmesan ravioli from Trader Joe’s)
Two big handfuls of fresh arugula
1/8 cup parmesan
Sprinkling of pine nuts
Drizzle of herbed olive oil
Sprinkling of asiago

Boil ravioli according to package directions.  When done, toss in the warm pot with the rest of the ingredients until the arugula is just wilted.



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