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Eating for Two March 24, 2011

Posted by Angela @ Making Food for Friends in uncategorized.

So, as I get close to the end of Month 6 of being pregnant and enter the last trimester, it’s probably time to write a little bit about what I have been eating, and how my diet has (or hasn’t) changed since getting pregnant. I was extremely lucky to not have ANY morning sickness (and hopefully I am well past that point!).


Baby, a few weeks ago!

If I ate what I really WANTED to eat, my diet would probably consist of toast with peanut butter for breakfast, pita bread pizza for lunch, and the Japanese Pan Noodles from Noodles & Co. for dinner. Every day.


Japanese Pan Noodles....mmmmm

But I know chowing down on a bunch of carbs does not make a healthy baby, so I’ve been doing my best to vary what I eat. Being pregnant means a lot of changes (obviously) but most striking to me has been how my body reacts to foods I had no problem with before the baby came along. To my dismay, it’s mostly healthy foods that I am having trouble with. Broccoli, oranges, tomatoes—all on the “tread with caution” list these days. The baby really just wants me to eat pizza and noodles all day! I was working my way through a 10-pound bag of oranges, because for a while, I loved them, but all of a sudden, my body turned, and eating an innocent orange would soon cause my heart to feel like someone was trying to squeeze it through my throat. Heart burn! Oranges can now only be eaten at certain times, and in certain order—they can’t be the last thing I eat, and I can’t eat too much before or after eating one.

Speaking of which, I try not to overeat in general, which is kind of hard for me. Anyone who knows me knows my appetite is probably way bigger than it should be, but now I really have to force myself to stop eating before I feel full and eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. There are times when I totally go against this, like on Tuesday, when I ate an enormous taco salad out of a mixing bowl at lunch and then finished the meal off with two pieces of pizza that appeared in the kitchen at work. It hurts now to eat that much, though, with the increasingly limited real estate inside me, so I try to pace myself with food and make good choices more often than not.

Being a vegetarian, I’ve definitely made a conscious effort to get enough protein and iron in my diet. I’ve been going through Greek yogurt like it’s going out of style, and have stacks upon stacks of canned beans in the basement, which make appearances in salads, pasta, dips, and more. My favorite lunch of late is the previously mentioned taco salad, made with chopped spinach, black beans, walnuts, chopped tomatoes, feta, cheddar (double cheese is the most important part!), avocado, salsa, hot sauce, and crunched up tortilla chips on top. It’s a lot of nutrition packed into a salad, and with all of the extras on the salad, I can get three good meals out of a can of black beans. Plus it tastes delicious, it’s an easy lunch to bring to work, and it is definitely healthier than pizza every day at noon.

I’ve been really good about exercising throughout this whole pregnancy (save for two weeks when I was too sick/cough-y/infected to go to the gym). I gave up running sometime around the beginning on Month 5, when I started growing and it just became too uncomfortable to run for any extended period of time. I traded the treadmill in for the elliptical, specifically the Precor machine with the adjustable ramp.

My best friend at the gym

I will go to the gym, do 300-400 calories on the Precor, lift some weights, stretch out, and head home. It’s not a KILLER workout, but I think it’s good enough to maintain a decent level of fitness. I’m not really sure how exercise will fit in once the baby is born. I am much more of a first-thing-in-the-morning exerciser, and I am pretty sure that is probably not going to work with having a newborn around who needs to wake up, eat, and be taken care of. I guess like everything else, it will just work out somehow once he is here. Maybe I’ll learn to love the gym at night, but I feel like that is just not in my bones.

All in all, I have been trying to stay healthy and not gain a crazy amount of weight that I will later have to struggle to lose. It is hard—pregnancy makes you ravenous at times, and I haven’t been holding back when I’m hungry. I figure the little guy has to grow, and because of that, so do I, as weird as it is to see my body changing shape by the week.



1. megandurgan - March 24, 2011

when i was preg with mckenna i just didnt give a shit and ate whatever i wanted, whenever i wanted and then didnt care about losing the weight after i had her either. i really used the “im pregnant!” or “i just had a baby!” excuse to the maximum extent!

then with jackson, i ate a lot healthier, except for donuts! i ate a dozen a week, at least. gross! then i lost all the weight plus some, just from not having any time to eat! plus i run around all day and lug a 25 pound 1 year old around so im sure that has helped.

you will surely have time to get to the gym after the baby. although obvs not the first 6 weeks. just call it “dad time” – pump a bottle, pass him over to ryan and out the door you go! you will be happy for a little break to do something that makes you feel good and ryan will have some bonding time. win win!

ps: i want that salad! it sounds so good!

2. I Eat Veg - March 24, 2011

I can’t believe you’re at the six month mark already! And I want that salad too. And the noodles. And the pizza. I am not pregnant, so I have no excuse…

3. Angela @ Making Food for Friends - March 25, 2011

The salad is delicious!! I want it again too! But I have leftover tomato soup & the fixings for grilled cheese…not a bad lunch.

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