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Best New (to me) Thing: Tiseo’s Pizza Dough May 7, 2011

Posted by Angela @ Making Food for Friends in products, uncategorized.

Tiseo's pizza dough

We make pizza a LOT.  A green pizza at least once every other week, I’d say.  I rarely spend the time to make my own dough (I know!  Bad Ang!) and rely on Trader Joe’s bagged dough for our crust needs.  The other day, I was at Western Market in Ferndale and came across bags and bags of Tiseo’s pizza dough hidden way back in the freezer section, in the farthest case, on the bottom shelf.  The dough is $1.29 for a 16 oz bag there, I think.  I brought home two bags and figured we’d give it a try. The dough is frozen solid, but if you leave it in the refrigerator overnight, it thaws out just fine.

Yesterday was another pizza night, and you know what?  Tiseo’s dough is LIGHT YEARS better than Trader Joe’s!!   It is more elastic, easier to roll out (no holes from stretching it too far), holds it’s shape better, gets crispier, turns a really nice shade of golden brown when it cooks, and just tastes better overall than any of the three doughs Trader Joe’s sells.  I like that it’s a local company, too (make in Sterling Heights), and it is really convenient just to keep a few balls of dough in the freezer.

So, there you go.  I’ve tried for years with Trader Joe’s and had what I thought was  a pretty good system down to make it turn out decent (letting it warm up, pre-baking it, not using a rolling pin, etc), but it’s so temperamental, and you never really know how each bag of dough is going to react to the same elements.  I’m glad I found something that is more reliable and delicious.



1. noelle {simmer down!} - May 25, 2011

This is good to know, especially since grill season is upon us- we do a lot of pizzas on the grill. I’ve been using TJ’s dough too but I shop at Western regularly. I don’t find TJ’s dough terribly difficult to work with, but I do find I have to flour it a lot before handling because it tends to be pretty wet. Still, it’s nice to have a local option!

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